10 Things to know After children Rectal Biopsy

//10 Things to know After children Rectal Biopsy

10 Things to know After children Rectal Biopsy

This Post explains how your child might feel after a rectal biopsy and how you can best care for him or her.

1. My child is complaining of pain. What can I do?

It is quite normal for your child to feel some discomfort for the first 48 hours after his or her rectal biopsy. Usually paracetamol will be enough to relieve any pain but if your child needs stronger medication, we will give you some before you go home.

2. What if the Pain still persist?

If, when you get home, you feel that your child needs more powerful pain relief, you should call your family doctor (GP). Keep the discharge letter from IGALS by the telephone in case your family doctor needs some details about the rectal biopsy. You can also telephone the ward for over-the-telephone advice.

Always follow the instructions on the pain relief bottle or packet and never give your child more than the recommended dose.

3, Is there anything else I can do to make my child feel better?

As well as giving pain relief medicines, distracting your child by playing games, watching TV or reading together can also help to keep your child’s mind off the pain.

4. My child does not want to eat. Should I be worried?

After the anaesthetic, your child may feel sick for 24 hours. You should encourage your child to drink but do not force him or her to do so. As long as your child is drinking, it does not matter if he or she does not feel like eating for the first couple of days.

5. Are there any activities my child should avoid?

Your child may be tired and a little clumsy for 24 hours after the operation, so do not let him or her do anything that might lead to a fall. You should keep your child away from school or nursery for two days until he or she has recovered from the anaesthetic.

6. What should a Child eat on following morning or same evening?

The child can eat everything, generally after 3-4 hours after short GA, every child is encouraged to take liquids as much as it can. By following morning soft diet and if needed child can be added by an laxative to avoid hard stool brushing the biopsy site and ultimately causing bleeding

7. Can we travel back to our home after rectal biopsy

Yes! the parents or gaurdian can travel the child back home after he child is discharged from hospital.

8. Is there any need of re-anesthesia for stitch removal or any other stuff?

No, The suture at the biopsy site are absorbable ( that means the get absorbed by the body tissue and there is no need of removal of stitch

9. What other troubles can we face after rectal biopsy?

Occassionaly the patient may have bleeding from rectum from the suture leading to mild discomfort. If the bleeding is heaving the child might need to be taken back in the OR for re suturing or other procedure

When should I contact the hospital or my family doctor (GP)?

  • If your child is in a lot of pain and pain relief medicine does not seem to help
  • If your child is not drinking any fluids after the first day back home
  • If there is a heavy discharge or bleeding from your child’s rectum after the first 24 hours

We will call you at home to check that your child is making a good recovery. Before you leave Institute of Gastroenterology And Liver Surgery, please tell the nurse when would be the best time to call you.


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