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Ever wanted to consult with your family doctor without the added hassle of waiting rooms and travel times? Our team provides members with exclusive access to “virtual clinic” visits through our innovative e-Consultation service, meaning it is now possible to ask a doctor whenever you need to.

Healthcare that Doesn’t Keep You Waiting

Our members can now access on-demand, dependable medical care through an audio/video web chat. There’s no need to waste valuable time in the family doctor’s waiting room, or use paid sick leave anymore –Members can now ask a doctor when they need to, whether they’re at home, at work or traveling.

e-Consultations take place with a family doctor on our secure, encrypted different web-based platforms like Whats app, Line, Skype & BOTim, meaning private information is always safe and protected. If a member is unable to or prefers not to appear via webcam, Our team invites them to utilize this “ask a doctor” service via email or over the phone instead.

Removing the Barriers to Healthcare

e-Consultations with our team of doctors are available before, during and after traditional clinic hours, accessible from any Internet-enabled device. The service is like accessing a family doctor on your schedule, empowering a new class of tech-savvy healthcare consumers. This round-the-clock ability to ask a doctor contributes to the reduction of employee absenteeism, in addition to decreasing the need for Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits.

You have to just use Whats app, Skype, Line or Botim to get connected with us.


Online scheduling is fast and simple with an abundance of available appointments; and what’s more, health insurance is not necessary. e-Consultations are available in your language of choice, meaning you are free to ask a doctor without any barriers.

Our team e-Consultations are conducted by world-class, board-certified family physicians who are all experts in their respective fields. Our physicians can discuss symptoms, diagnose conditions, recommend treatment plans, and prescribe medication when required. Once you’re finished, the physician uploads your report, diagnosis and recommended treatment to your online Personal Health Record.

Second Medical Opinion

Not every doctor will have the same opinion when it comes to diagnosis and treatments options. A doctor’s opinion is guided by several factors such as available technology, their education and their own experience dealing with a particular health condition.

Many patients have been in the difficult position of querying their doctor’s medical opinion. And in many cases, it is only natural to have medical questions like:

  • Is my diagnosis correct?
  • Is my treatment plan correct?
  • Do I need this surgery or do I have other options?

At these times it is valuable to have access to an affordable, unbiased second opinion so that patients can explore alternative options and gain complete confidence in their healthcare.

How Does Second Medical Opinion Work?

With the Second Opinion service from our team of  Doctors Online, members have the opportunity to request medical questions via the Internet, at any time and from anywhere in the world. The second opinion consults enable patients to make better-informed decisions about their health. They also provide a smart and inexpensive way to improve health and treatment outcomes.

Our team provides its members with access to our network of over 1,7 world-class healthcare specialists. Our physicians are available for medical questions, consultations and second opinions within 48 hours of a member’s request (assuming the patient’s Personal Health Record is up-to-date). Our specialists perform a thorough, evidence-based review of the member’s health history, meaning a second opinion from our team is completely independent and impartial.

Specialist Credentials

To get started, simply submit a request for a consult. Our Medical Executive will review your file and forward it on to a committee of specialists that best serve your case. Our experts will analyze your medical questions and provide a conclusion within 48 hours – either directly to you or, upon request, to your doctor. In some cases, the second opinion reached our medical specialists are the same as those provided by our members’ physician. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions, suggest further testing, or recommend visiting a different specialist.

How to Request a Second Opinion

To get started, simply submit a consult request on our platform, stating your original diagnosis and your list of medical questions. Our Medical executives will review your request and delegate it to a committee of specialists that best serve your case; these will be experts in the field of your particular condition. Our physicians will analyze your medical questions and provide a conclusion within 48 hours.

The second opinion is delivered as an easy-to-understand report, either directly to you (via our online platform) or, upon request, to your doctor. In some cases, the second opinion reached by our medical specialists are the same as those initially provided by the member’s physician. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions, suggest further testing, or recommend visiting a different specialist.

Medical auditing entails conducting internal or external reviews of coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to ensure you are running an efficient and hopefully liability-free operation.

There are many reasons to perform medical audits:

  • To determine outliers before large payers find them in their claims software and request an internal audit be done.
  • To protect against fraudulent claims and billing activity
  • To reveal whether there is variation from national averages due to inappropriate coding, insufficient documentation, or lost revenue.
  • To help identify and correct problem areas before insurance or government payers challenge inappropriate coding
  • To help prevent governmental investigational auditors like recovery audit contractors (RACs) or zone program integrity contractors (ZPICs) from knocking at your door
  • To remedy undercoding, bad unbundling habits, and code overuse and to bill appropriately for documented procedures
  • To identify reimbursement deficiencies and opportunities for appropriate reimbursement.
  • To stop the use of outdated or incorrect codes for procedures
  • To verify ICD-10-CM and electronic health record (EHR) meaningful use readiness

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